Budgie Dedications

We brought Za-Zu home on April 23, 1995, and she was hand tamed within an HOUR !! From the beginning she was a great budgie...very affectionate, and just the CUTEST bird ever !!! As a baby she was a mischievous little brat !!...if she wasn't climbing the curtains, she was trying to stick her head in the VCR, and when she wasn't doing that she was either tearing up our TV Guides, or chasing her favorite ball on the coffee table.

I enjoy now remembering all of the cute little things that she'd do. A spoiled birdie she had her own reserved seat on the couch with her special toys, and would keep us company during the evening. Always in a playful mood, and willing to try new things she'd keep you laughing. She's still my little baby, and she will always be loved.

We miss you Za-Zu (Pookie)

Tina & Family

- Submitted by Tina & Family

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