Budgie Stories
William the Pudgy Little Cutie

William is a very curious budgie. If she is not near her ( yes, William is a she) cage she will readily explore explore anyplace that she is in. While usually very amusing, there have been times that William hides herself into some nook or cranny and it takes a search party to find her.

While she will go with other humans, her favorite human is me. When she accompanies me to the library she is always very still and quiet, which is very good considering the fact that the libarian kicks me out of the libabry everytime she finds out that I have William with me.

Finally, William is an intellectual. Due to her size, she cannot turn book pages for me, but boy does she try. She will rush over to any book just to try and turn its pages. This why she is and will always be my pudgy little cutie.

- Submitted by justicamuniz@earthlink.net

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