Just thought I would let you guys know how much this little feathered fiend rules our lives.

For starters, he gets up with us in the morning, and flies all around tilll we leave. We have mirrors up along the shower door, so whenever one of us goes to shower, he bravely flies in to coo and chat to his "chickies", letting them know how brave he is by standing by them while this water monster is on. Then he has to go in his cage for the day. He then gives his mommy, Laura, a guilt trip or two. Either he kisses her by pressing his beak on her lips and making the kiss sound, or he coos and flaps his wings, as if to say, Stay home, please!!!

We have to have someone home by at least 5pm -- OR ELSE. Once we are in the door, we have approximately 30 seconds to let him out. The minute Violet hears us come in, he starts making these very demanding chirps -- let me out, at once!@!!! Once we let him out, he proceeeds to VROOOM out of the cage and divebombs our heads for good measure, just to let us know how much he *DID NOT* like being int he cage all day!!!

He stays out with us until we start getting ready for bed. By 9pm he is off and sleeping. If it is up to me to put him to bed, then he gets to play a game or two. I'll put him in the cage; he'll cling and flap against the bars, making pretty trilling and cooing sounds, and then I let him out, all the while telling him how I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't help it 'cause he's so cute. This can happen two or three times before he gets tuckeres out and finally settles down.

On the weekends, he usually get us around 7am. That means that I get up to be with him till the rest of the house get up. it is great.


This weekend I got to babysit him while Laura went grocery shopping. It was great. He loves rice; so when I had rice for lunch, he was there, claw pulling my lip open, beak right into my mouth going for the rice!!! Whenever you are eating something he really likes and you let him eat it, he makes the cutest coo/trilling sound. It just melts me.

Well, later in the afternoon, I got upstairs to notice that he had 'fed' the chickie in the mirror in the hallway -- there was rice all over the mirror. ...No wonder her never gains any weight.

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