Budgie Stories
Tugby Our Best Friend Forever

Tugby was the most beautiful budgie ever. He was found in a produce field and given to me by a friend of the family. I will never forget the first time I heard him chirp. After that, it was all over. We were under his spell. We had Tugby for almost 5 years and assumed he was a couple years old when he came into our lives. He was our best friend ever and we spoiled him terribly. He would call us when he wanted attention and loved to have breakfast and dinner with us. His favorite was pizza. He was the greatest and we really had a connection.

Over the past year his beak began growing longer than usual and also with some bruising. His toenails began to grow quickly and had blood spots in them. He also had grown 2 tumors. One on his chest and the other on his lower belly. After many a visits we came to the conclusion with our vet that Tugby had liver disease. A couple of weeks before he died, the tumor on his lower belly grew to be almost the size of a small egg. He began to get really sick and then died on April 19th 2000 in my boyfriends hands at our vets office. I can tell you that our lives will never be the same again. It feels as though something is missing in our lives now and I cry everyday for Tugby to return to me. That is why I want him to know that we will always love him forever and that he is always in our thoughts and is missed by us every minute of everyday. I love you tugs and we will always be together.

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