Toni 0 Missing You

Toni, my budgie of nearly 10 years died at the end of September 1998 but I still haven't got over her death. People don't understand what she meant to me and say things like she was only a bird, but she was much more than that, she was my best friend. I could talk to her about anything and she would listen to me intently. She would always cheep when I walked into the room. Without her the silence is deafening. Life without her has been so lonely. I sometimes cry thinking about her and how much I miss her company. Her death was expected as she had been ill for several weeks and seeing her suffering was heartbreaking but when it did come it was a devastating blow. I will never forget her little custard coloured face and hold on to the hope that one day we will meet again.

Missing you Toni - love always from Marie xxx

- Submitted by Marie

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