Budgie Dedications

My moms friend started to breed budgies. He gave me a pair. I hand tamed my male one one first. 3 years later. December 23 the day after my birthday i took my bird out. I went in my room. He decided to fly when i went in my room i looked up and i screamed no because someone had turned the fan on. He tried to stop but the fan got his face. In a split sencond he had hit the wall and fallen to the ground. I ran to him i picked him up one side of his face was cut. Blood was all over my hands b but then he let out one last chirp and he closed his eyes. Tomy was loved by all of my friends we went to the woods together and we burned tommy. I still have the ashes and the blood is on the ground \dried up with a picture of Tommy beside it. I hope that you forgive me forrrrr not cheking if the fan was on. I miss you so much and so does Lisa (the other budgie).

I hope you went to budgie heaven.


- Submitted by Giorgio

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