When I first got Tickles, I named him "Uncle Feddas" - from the book, "Fudge-a-mania". When we got home with him, I put him on my shoulder and he started to bite my hair behind my neck and it really, really tickled. That's how we named him "Tickles." Tickles can do alot of tricks. We take a jingle bell and but it on the top edge of his cage. He likes to knock it off over and over and he chirps everytime it hits the floor. He insists on alternating sides with the bell. If we forget, he will try to carry the bell to the alternate side to throw it over. He's the smartest bird. He also likes to chase the bell when two people sit on the floor and roll it back and forth. Also, when my sister, brother, mom and I sing "When You're Happy And You Know It (Then Your Beak Will Surely Show It)" Tickles tweets along - and fills in the pauses. My family and I never knew a parakeet could be so much fun! We LOVE Tickles even though I really wanted a dog...

Anna Age 9

- Submitted by Anna

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