Budgie Dedications
In Loving Memory of Tasha

All my life I loved animals. I have a cat, a dog, a rabbit, fish, a hermit crab, a newt, and even snails. I still had a love for birds. My sister and I begged for a bird, but my parents said the house was full of pets,and we didn't need bird's.

Finally, last summer, we talked our parents into getting budgies. I spent weeks raising money to pay for the cage, and every thing else we needed. Finally, we went to the pet shop. My sister picked a green and blue boy, who was later named Toby.

I chose a lovely blue and white baby....Tasha,as I called her. Tasha, Toby, and I enjoyed many times together. We all loved each other so much. Tasha loved to sit on the top of my rocking chair. She loved millet, as I suppose most budgies do.

On day I noticed that Tasha was sick. Her nose was running, and she was wheezing. I got her medicine. I stayed home from vacation just to take care of her. Then things got worse. She wheezed, and her nose (cere) bleed. I got her yet more medicine. She seemed fine for awhile. Then The day before Halloween she just sat on the bottom of the cage. Both Toby and I tried to help. I took her out and held her and told her I loved her. She harped weakly. I gently put her back in the cage. Toby kissed her,and stayed with her, I guess all night. The next morning she had died.

Both Toby and I cried for so long. I still cry when I think of my sweet baby. Even though she was so sick all the time, I would never wish away the time we had together. I belive that "my pitiful bird of blue and white" is now in Heaven, cheerfully singing to the angles.

After Tasha's death I decided to get another, to keep Toby company. I called The new bird Tasha Two (Tasha T) Although they share a name, they are both very dear to me. Friends so dear can never be replaced. Toby and Tasha T are good friends, and I love them both.

I am only 13, but I will never forget Tasha as long as I live. Someday we will all be together again.

- Submitted by Michelle

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