Budgie Stories
Talk-a-Lot the Not So Talk-a-Lot

Hi My Name is Kennetha and I have a colbalt blue budgie. Her name is Talk-a-lot although she dosen't talk a lot. I've had her for 1 year and two months now and she is quite the character she loves two be let outof her cage and likes annoy the family cat. She's had a few experiences with the cat in the past and they weren't pleasent well I think the cat had fun anyway. She has her mood swings she will like to be held one moment then will attack you the next one but all in all I love her. She also has a plastic birdie and loves it I'm not aloud to touch it without her permission well let's just say she won't let me near it. Well all I can say is that I love her and hope she won't leave too soon.

- Submitted by coyles@csolve.net

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