Budgie Stories
Brave Little Sweetie

Hello my name is Andree Bourgeois. I have a pet bird and her name is Sweetie. Sweetie is a white and blue budgie. She likes to chirp all day. She likes to fly around the house eat crackers and say pretty girl! I am going to tell you a story of what happened to Sweetie today.

I was cleaning her cage and she was flying all over the kitchen. And I had to take my eyes off her for 5 seconds and the next thing I knew was that I was seeing water coming out of the sink EVERY WHERE!!! I was so suprised that finally I thought, OH MY GOD!! IT'S SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I started crying like CRAZY!!!! My mom took Sweetie back to the cage. Sweetie was ALL WET!!!! Her feathers that were SUPPOSE to be blue were now gray!!!! I was soooooooooooooooo scared! After my mom had put Sweetie back in the cage and had calmed ME down WE were trying to calm SWEETIE down. I FINALLY stopped crying. But we couldn't calm Sweetie down! She was shivering like crazy!

We were sitting there for maybe 15 to 20 minutes and nothing worked! We almost decided to call my uncle. (He's an expert on birds) but he was gone to work!!! So then, I started crying all over, AGAIN. Finally my mom went to get the hairblower and put it on low. That helped because then she wasn't shivering that much. We FINALLY calmed her down. She wasn't shivering that much. But she was still out of control.

Then I thought, This is all my fault! I let her out of the cage, I took my eyes off her. So then, I started crying ALL over, AGAIN! Because I was thinking that I might kill my best friend! Sweetie had been my best friend ever since we had met. I couldn't even THINK about not having her arround the house.

But then, we FINALLY had Sweetie calmed down. And she was almost all dry. Now she IS all dry and happilly chirping away in her cage. Sweetie is all better now though. She is now very very very very very very VERY clean and is happilly chirping away in her cage. I am still very very very very very very very very very very releived that that experience is over. In conclusion, I would like to say to ALL you budgie keepersout there,do me a favour! If you ever leave your budgies out of their cages, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check if there is water in the synk!!!!

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- Submitted by Andree

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