Budgie Stories
Super Polly

Hi. the birds are awesome. my buddy is Super Polly. he has a vocabulary of at least 100 words. and always seems to pick me up if im down. i got him 3 yrs ago as a baby. and hoped he would talk. lol..he talks alot now, i love him to death... i was going through divorce when i got him. and one day he upped and said hello....

i laughed so hard, and since then, there have been times when he says things like what ya doing, and i love you. of course i reply i love you to polly...

i had a freind over named Peni and one day he said to her"hi, nice to see ya" and since then he has brought many smiles to me. i love him

he is one awesome bird, with an even biigger heart. he is a good boy... he has many toys, and i spoil him often. thank god for his creations like Super Polly....

Polly says hello to whomever reads this. he is a male 3 yrs old and full of vigour, and loves to be held.... and he will out talk


- Submitted by Den

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