Budgie Stories
Sunny the Attack Birdie

Last April, I got a budgie that was light blue, kind of like the sky on a sunny day. I named this budgie Sunny Sky (Skylar), Sunny for short. Well, my baby boy (I think) is not as sunny as I thought. He bites and scratches, but I still love him. His favorite thing is to attack bell toys and mirrors, but he also loves to fly. His favorite treats are vitamin & mineral and honey stick. Though he is afraid of my dog, Maya, he loves to tease her by chirping and shrieking at the poor dog. He loves to "kiss" my by biting my cheek and he loves to sit on my shoulder and dig his nails into my shoulder (yes, I know, it's mean). Well, that's all Sunny Sky and his mommy have to say about him. Bye!


This is a follow-up to Sunny, the attack birdie. It has been confirmed that Sunny is a she, and she has loosened up alot! She still likes to kiss me, but she does it in a nicer way. She'll softly peck at my lips when I make a kissy sound. Her favorite music is Destiny's Child, same as me!! Whenever one of their songs come on she lets out a high pitched chirp, which means she's happy.

One thing that hasn't changed is her love to bite. She won't bite me, but she pecks at the clock above her cage, the wallpaper (it has ducks on it), her bells, and the rest of her toys. Another unchanged thing is that she looks exactly the same. Still sky blue with a turquiose tail. She is now more warm to humans, especially me. I hope she will get along with the new addition, a cocatiel whose name and sex is TBA. At the moment, Sunny is chewing on the wood of her playgym, chirping whenever she pecks some off. That's all sunny and I have to say.

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- Submitted by Kayla

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