Sunni the Budgie
Sunni the Budgie

One of my best friends in this whole world is my little yellow & apple-green budgie named Sunni (pronounced Sun-ee). He is a little over 2 yrs. old and talks his little head off. Some of his favorite phrases include: "good treat-Mommy give good treat", "Mommy go to work to buy toys, treat & pellets", "cute, cute budgie", "cuddle, cuddle, cuddle (as he cuddles by my cheek)","Mommy get some bread","poopie, Mommy clean it", and I could go on .

Sunni enjoys all humans and has my red-bellied parrot "Orville Redinbelly" (Orvie for short) and my other budgie" Lil' Bert" for feathered playmates. Sunni thinks he is as big as Orvie and walks right up to his beak and asks for a kiss, tells Orvie how pretty and cute a budgie he is, & calls Orvie a "gorgeous boy" just like I do. He follows Orvie especially if he is eating a treat. He acts like a little dustbuster--eating up all the crumbs Orvie leaves behind.

Hope you enjoy this story.

- Submitted by Robert Seaman

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