Star's Story

I would like to share the story of my first budgie, Star. It was almost 7 years ago that I bought her. I was at the pet store as they brought out their shipment of parakeets, all still in a cardboard box with a wire vent on each side. And there she was. Clinging to that vent and chirping her displeasure with the situation. She was the prettiest budgie I had seen, yellow with a blue-green band that ran around her chest and back and her wings. I went home to get my parents, who had told me I could get one. When I returned they were out of the box and in their cage. I had no trouble finding her again. I took her home, convinced she would be a happy, playful friendly bird.

Well, I never did manage to hand tame her, but that girl had personality! She would fly around and dive bomb unsuspecting visitors, or land on the heads and shoulders or anyone who interested her.

Oh, and how she loved to tease my dogs! The dogs knew they were not allowed to catch her, so she felt free to land on their backs, and chase after them. I think she was jealous, not to mention a little gutsy! Last week I noticed she was not herself. She wasn't eating much, and she was very week. I took her to the vet, who told she was having kidney problems. They did all they could, but she died 3 days ago. My family and I miss her very much. It's very quiet without her around. Even my dog noticed she was gone.

But I purchased another little budgie today. I still miss Star, but hopefully someday I will have another set of happy memories to share about a little blue and yellow budgie named Magic.

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