In Memory of Spot

I just wanted to tell a story about my little budgie we named Spot. He was a handsome blue/turqoise bird with a distinct white spot on top of his head. He wasn't totally tame but would land on your hand if you had something he liked to eat..he was sooo cute! He lived in a huge cage we built for him and our lop eared rabbit (named Kramer), we called it the condo and those two loved each other...Spot would share bunny food, drink from the bunny's water bottle you name it he did it. We think that he actually thought he was a rabbit...he even loved our dog (named Khan) and would try to clean Khan's fur all the time.

He also had this funny habit of walking everywhere and we lived in fear that we would step on him. When i'd come home from work the first thing i'd hear would be his little chirps and whistles....he'd get all puffed up and look like he understood what i was saying. Tragically we lost this cute little sweetheart just a few weeks ago....he was out flying (and could he fly!!!) and my husband came in the front door..something he never does...and poor Spot flew out! I am still devastated because i always tried to be careful when he was out flying and feel so awful that this happened. I'm sure he's dead because the weather was cold and rainy for days....poor little guy! Anyhow here's to you Spot, I miss you terribly and wish you were still here!!!!!!

"True solitude is a din of birdsong, seething leaves, whirling colors, or a clamor of tracks in the snow." Edward Hoaglund

- Submitted by Poul-Erik and Lynn Binderup

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie