Budgie Stories
Sol and Luna

They are very silly. Thier favorite snack is carrots...shredded carrots. Thier little faces turn orange. One morning after a carrot fest night, my husband went to say good morning to the Budgies, and Sol looked at him, started banging the carrot cup against the cage, looked at my husband again, and banged some more: We want carrots (BANG BANG) We want carrots (BANG BANG)!

Silly Budgies!

We love our silly budgies very much. Sol is a green and yellow, and Luna is blue with white. I never lived with birds before, and I am learning more each day. We sing very silly songs that we make up. WE call them the mumbling mumble budgies. I love to listen to them make thier sweet mumbling chirps. This is a fantastic site!

- Submitted by Toni

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