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Okay, this may not be very good... Okay, I have five, count them, FIVE parakeets. They are SO FUNNY!!! Snuggles; the oldest, at 2 1/2 years old, is a yellow pied. His color is crazy! He has a yellow head, but his eyes have black markings above them. They really look like he is wearing mascara. This is odd, as he is a MALE!!! He is a skilled Elvis impersonator. Every now and then he bobs his head and taps his beak on the perch in the middle of "his" fishtank-come-birdcage. I am certain that, if he could talk, he would be saying, "oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm good, I'm good!!!" He really cracks me up. And, Angel Wings II is the bombadier. Every time I let my birds out of the cage (every day) She sits on a picture frame and sticks her butt against the wall. She is a white bird with fallow markings and teal opalescence. She is beautiful, and also one out of only two finger-tame parakeets in my cage.

Sunny is 1 and 3/4 years old, clear yellow, and I think she must have been a soldier in another life, as EVERY TIME she gets out of the cage, she tucks her tail behind a picture frame and stands straight against the wall. I can almost imagine her saying, "TEN-HUT!" And then, there is Snowy. Snowy is a clear white, and 1 year old, approximately. He runs back and forth along the ground, looking around for his friends, sometimes impersonating Elvis, like Snuggles. Then, just three days ago, I got Cinco. He is a cute little Lutino, and the only bird I carry outside. He has a devoted following of neighborhood kids, and is the other finger tame bird in my cage. As of yet, he has no accomplishments, but he has only been here a couple of days. Give him some time, people!

Next time, I will include some pictures of my birds.

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