My Best Friend Sky

My Best Friend Sky

I would like to dedicate this to my parakeet, Sky. Who passed away January 31, 1999 from a respiratory illness.

His favorite word was BeBee(also his middle name.) I loved him sooooo much. His favorite person was me, Kristen. He called me when I was in school. Before school I always got him out for a half an hour.

He was the sweetest bird. Sky always gave kisses and cuddled with me. Sunday the 31, 1999 he was all puffed up, sneezing, spitting up, and his wings were drooping. So my grandmother came over to give him medicine. I cuddled with him and kept him warm. The medicine helped him through the day. I read him the Children's Bible and sang songs to him.

That night I put a heating pad under his cage. Also put a towel in his cage, so he wouldn't get cold.

About at 9:00 PM my mom and I went to check on him, and he was at the bottom of his cage dying. I told him," Sky I love you! Your the best bird anyone could ever have. Someday I'll see you in heaven. Iove you!!!". I kissed him and he died in my hands.

Sky truely was the best bird anyone could ever have. Why? He always gave kisses, cuddled, did almost everything I did. Everything reminds me of him. My cute budgie who only lived up to 1 and a half years old.

I Kristen age 10 has a broken heart. Sometimes I wish I could go up to heaven with my bebee.

Owner, Bestfriend, mother- Kristen

- Submitted by Kristen

©1999 Me & My Budgie