Scott's Story

Scott, our beautiful little baby with blue feathers, asked me to submit this. He says parakeets (or budgies) can talk quite well. His vocabulary includes "I love you" "Pretty Baby" "Play Ball" "Whatcha Doing?" And "Nite Nite" among many many other things. He says all it takes is lotttsss of love and attention and patience. He said his best time to learn new words is when he is molting. That is because we tell him how beautiful he is at this time and make him feel good, so he likes to return the favor. His favorite games are Peek a Boo (around corners) Tag (with our hands) and Ball (with plastice cat toy balls that have bells in them). He comes when we call and can recognize his name...although sometimes he thinks his name is EAT! Scott says "Bye Bye" for now.

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