Hi my name is jenny, I never really liked birds.. BUT one day there was a little green parakeet loose on my block. Just to let you know i never caught the parakeet but i fell in love with it after a while i told my mom i wanted my own little budgie to play with! That weekend i went to the pet store and picked up the CUTEST budgie i have ever saw! she is white with a tint of yellow.

she really wasnt that nice the first day, but i kept on working with her. Now she repeats after me and EVEN SITS ON MY 5 YEAR OLD BROTHERS FINGER! i have hed her for 1 month now and she is about 5 months old. We are getting really close! i am really happy to have a great bird like her. She is so nice she even made peace with my cat misty!

She is the BEST

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