<Ricci and Chanel

I have below a story of two wonderful feathered friends that had changed my life. They are Ricci and Chanel. By the way, my budgie hobby first started at the age of 8 years old and I have been keeping budgies since then (nearly 10 years so far).

Ricci first came to me from a shop next to a main road. He was of a dark rich yellow with hints of green and an orange face mask. He came along with a light green friend. Although he outlived her, he went on with a succesion of mates until Chanel came along in his third year.

Chanel was a white sky blue bird with a very pleasant personality. I remember selecting her since there was no other female birds in the dealers cage at that time .She had no tail but the shopkeeper assured me that her tail would eventually grow back. It did. She grew up to be a beautiful budgie. She and Ricci started of very well. I think he knew he had found his life partner.

Ricci and Chanel were very close with each other. He a gentleman and she a lady. They were kept as a pair alone and were provided with a makeshift corrugated cardbord nestbox. I know it sounds cheap but I was kind off young and I was trying to breed them. They were the first pair to provide me a family of four young budgies.

It was very nice to observe the entire mating process as well as the raising of the brood. Ricci and Chanel were very trusting as she and he frequently let me peek at the eggs and the brood developing through a little tear that appeared, caused by Chanel tearing and nibbling away at the cardboard box. I often saw them feeding the young and sort of cleaning them. I named the young Bon Jovi, Torres, Tico and Alexander. But a pity since the last two didn't make out of the nestbox alive. Bon Jovi and Torres grew up to be two most splendid though very naughty and amorous females I have ever encountered! By the way, Bon Jovi, the first hactling and the very first egg, was laid on my 13th birthday!! I was very thrilled.

Eventually, a couple of years later, both offspring went before their parents. Ricci and Chanel were keen on starting a new brood but I stopped them as I noticed something not quite right with Chanel. But life goes on and the both of them lived it well.

Two days before Ricci's seventh anniversary living with me, he was summoned by the Almighty to be by his side. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him. But I know, he shall be happy up there flying free and singing happily forever.

Chanel was extremely sad at Ricci's departure. I could see it in her eyes every time I approached her. She kept on asking me where was Ricci. I couldn't reply.I managed to get her a new mate and she got along very well with him. But her love for Ricci overwhelmed and she joined him exactly one year and twenty days later. Both their souls are now united eternally forever. Their bodies lie side by side. I will miss them very badly for they are and always will be a part of me. Goodbye and I Love Both of You, Ricci and Chanel... - Send Benjamin Mohd Yusop some e-mail

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