Rex the Survivor

We found Rex - a beautiful female budgie - in our tomato garden last summer. Her colors are turquoise bottom, emerald belly, and a gorgeous yellow head. We figure if she survives after spending the night in the garden, then she'll be OK with us for a while.

Well, it's better than that. We live on the South Shore of Montreal and this past January [1998], have spent 12 days of power blackout, ice cold weather, no heat, no light. We had to move from home to home, looking for a warm place to live. Of course, Rex had to come with us. All the "experts" said that a budgie could probably live in a closet, if you kept it wrapped warmly. Not likely were we going to leave our baby alone in a closet, in the dark Alone with no humans. So she travelled with us.

The little thing survived probably better than us! She is a strong little girl, and we are very proud to have her as part of our family.

Submitted by The Assaf Family, Boucherville, Quebec

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