My Pretty Baby Rascal

My name is Kay and wanted to tell you about my sweet boy,Rascal, he has been in our home10 months. During this time he has been a joy and loves to get out and play with us each evening. Rascal is green with yellow markings on side of feathers,yellow on top of head with the blue marking under his eyes. He has picked up the verses Pretty Boy, Sweet Baby, Kiss Me, Hello come in. Our cat almost got him one night as he flew over our bar separating our living room and kitchen, we learned a valuble lesson on being more careful, from then on we check to see if the cat is in before Rascal gets out of his cage. We love him, and hope to have him a long time, we also have two cats and two dogs, and don't let me forget "Happy" our horse. He is really our grandchildrens horse to ride when they come to visit. They keep us busy but are worth it. Been reading the other parakeet stories, and enjoyed them

- Submitted by Kay

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