Budgie Dedications

I want to dedicate this to my beautiful budgie punky. My mom and I went into the store on my 16th birthday and just decided to buy a bird for no apparent reason. At first he was terrified of us, he wouldn't let us come near him. Gradually we started to put our hand in the cage and pet him and he would eat off of our fingers and then finally after about a year he started to come out of the cage. Not much at first but then he hated being in the cage. He really became part of our family, especially to me because I was his favorite. He would wait for me for me to come home from school or where ever I was everyday. Once I walked in the room he wouldn't go by anyone else. I loved him so much and had so much fun with him. He would sit on my cereal bowl and eat breakfast with me and would sit on my stomach when I was laying down. He was just happy sitting on my finger having me talk to him for hours on end. He never got enough of us. He was just a joy to have, we never could've imagined that he would have been so much fun. This morning I was getting ready for school, waiting for him to start chirping for me and my mom started crying when she took the cover off, I knew that Punky was gone.Only two and a half years after we got him.We are all very sad and miss him. We have no idea what happened to our sweet little Punky, but we will never forget him. He was a great little pet, and a wonderful loyal friend.

- Submitted by mcferrin@mayville.k12.wi.us

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