Budgie Stories

For my 7th birthday, I got a little yellow, 1 month old, budgie. He stayed at the bottom of the cage until all the guests left. My 13 year old cousin, Cole, told me to name him Pokey because he had a turtle that had died and his name was Pokey.

I got him, November 2nd, 1994. He is still with us today. I love him so much. He was a gift from my father.

Now, he is as funny as a comedian! I live with my grandparents and when Pokey plays with his toy balls, it sounds like he is hammering so my Grandma says he is building. He also has a mirror. Oh man does he love him mirror! He says, "Pokey! Pokey! Pokey!" "Jaclynn!" (my best friend) and he imitates our Cockiteil, Kracker (Fire Kracker)

If you would like to send Pokey some email, email him at swoopokeysheldon@juno.com

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