Memories of Pipsi

Pipsi, my 10 year old pretty blue budgie died in July 98. He was a very active bird and announced his presence every morning with his loud voice. I will never forget how he enjoyed flying around in my living room. Sitting on my finger, he always closed his eyes and was listening very carefully to the sound of my voice. Looking at him was always a joy for me.

Thank you for teaching me so much about birds. It was amazing to observe social behaviour even in such a tiny creature as a budgie.

Sorry that I kept you in captivity and you could never experience the world outside. Hope I have done everything as good as possible and you had more or less a good time.

I do not know where you are now, but I wish you: much juicy fresh green sorghum, that you liked so much - many budgies in a huge green flock and endless skies to fly ....

You will a part of my life memories.

Good bye "old companion"

- Submitted by Hans

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie