Pinta the Budgie

In 1995 when I lost a cat. I then grew very sad. In 1997 I got a budgie on August two. I had a reservation on it because my Birthday was on July 31st and I had went to Six Flags. I picked up my budgie and went home. I put my newly budgie. I had a party at my house and I was looking at my newly budgie. I said to myself, " I had a name all these months and now it's Pinta. I would copy her and she would copy me.

She was over the age of training and she was skyblue. I waited many months to come to train her. I was first able to stick my hand in there than itch her. Than let her out. I then scared her out and picked her up and took her around the house. At night she went up my arm onto my shoulder. My friend Natalie had got Pinta on her shoulder also. I then had gotten Natalie.

We might breed Pinta but then last week she got a budgie. A young budgie witha pink cere. It was white and the strips on the back were light. And she could'nt train her so I brought Pinta over on Friday June 19 . In a rice krispy box. So I went to her house which is down the sidewalk and I went in and went to her bathroom and took Pinta out. I walked into Natalie's Room and Both of them were scared. The Menyekkaa the other bird flew out. Scared of each other. Then we left them alone.

We chacked on them and they liked each other they lead each other out of traps. and we accidently locked the door. I had an idea to go out side and come in from the window while Natalie's dad tried keys. We got Natalies Dad and we got Natalie in. She unlocked the door. I got in and got the rice krispy box and went downstairs. Both of them fit. Menyekaa was caught by Senila which is Natalie's mom. Menyekaa's gender was unknown. She saw Pinta on me so she flew to my shoulder. When you touched Pinta she pecked at you. Soon I Threw Pinta and Menyekaa on her shoulder. Menyekaa flew back to me. Menyekaa can fly because Menyek has her feathers. Pinta is losing her feathers somthimes. But she use to fly around the house. Im writing with pinta on my shoulder


On July 18th 1998, I asked my mom can I get the other budgie now?? It was going to be a birthday present from my sis Dalunie cause shes going to Thailand for a visit on the 22nd and that was before my birthday. My mom said no. My friend Natalie came over with her bird and my ad came back 4 hours later. I asked him and then we were off to Petland Discounts. I was looking for a parakeet and i saw little ones and they were cute and then I saw the one I'd take home. It hard to describe the bird but I knew what I was going to name it. It was going to be Galaxy. The colors were cool. I went home and when I got out of the car I saw Galaxy stick her eye at me and look. I went in and closed the doors to where Pinta's cage was. I opened the box and Galaxy didn't jump in. Instead she jumped out and flew around for a sec she landed and I caught her but I realized that the budgie seem to like to stand on my finger and then I opened the living room doors and walked around with her and I was surprised that a budgie became tame in 1 minute. I put her in and Pinta , well when Galaxy tried to give her a itch she refused and pecked at her and when Galaxy wnats a itch Pinta pecks at her head and jumps away. Galaxys cere had a little line of light blue like Pinta so I then knew that Galaxy was female. Galaxy sits in the food bowl and eats and she made all the seeds fall on the t.v which she is on and when I took her out she stops there and eats all the seeds. I put here back in after I washed the tray. It was full of seed and poop and Galaxy was on the tray eating everything and then I thought this bird makes a real big mess. I then put them to sleep but I heard MIN the song and I knew it was Pintas fav song so I turned on the light and well took her to the music. It was coming from outside.

- Submitted by Krinda

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie