Peri and Sam

I've had a close relationship with two feathered friends, you see. Peri & Sam were quite a team. Peri (short for Perwinkle) was amazingly smart and loved to hitch a ride on my shoulder. She would sing and chatter the hours away and of course liked to play. She came into my life when I was alone in Wisconsin six years ago.

Two years later, my future husband and I decided Peri needed a playmate to pass the time. He picked out Sam who was flipping upside down on a perch. What a personality and opinionated little guy! The two became quite close and wherever one went, the other followed.

Until it came June 3, 1997 when we noticed Peri wasn't doing quite well. What could be the matter? A fat tumor had grown in her belly and soon later, another on her leg. Peri was uncomfortable but still chirped up a storm until one morn. We took her to a vet to see if anything could be done but alas, there wasn't. She went to sleep peacefully and gracefully as well.

Sam was a sad little bird but a few months later, Sept. to be exact, p.j. came along. Sam perked up quite a bit and the two were partners in a few short weeks. My husband and I were married in October and returned to our place but we noticed something a little different in p.j. & Sam's space.

For the last few months, Sam went on like a trooper. The vet could only determine p.j. was a carrier of some sort of disease which meant quarantine.

Sam flew to the Lord Feb. 24, 1998 after a long night. God Bless Your merry little heart my friend. I'm sure you're perched next Peri singing a song, hopefully praises of the love we've given you.

Submitted by Alan & Sandy Guile

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