Budgie Dedications
In Loving Memory of Percy

It was about four months after my dad died tha my mom and i decided to buy a bird , parakeet . At the pet shop my mom looked for a cage while i lerked around for the right parakeet . I looked at two loving bird that were playful and chirped cheerfully. Both of them were sky blue . One of them had a yellow forehead with black lines , I named this on sparky . But the other one had a white forehead which reminded me of heaven and of course my father. This special one i named percy

Almost every week i would go to the library looking for interesting books about parakeets . I greww fond on how parakeets flew . I would take many pictures with my parakeets ! But Sparky never seemed interested in the games, Bird games we played . He would always peck at my finger whenever I tried to pick him up . But PERCY would ALWAYS pay attention . She knew many tricks such as flying at my command and kissing my lips !!

About 2 years later , My mom and I went to a dinner dance party . It was a very long one which lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning . But when we got home i was in for i big surprise . Sparky was standing on his perch on his cage looking at the cage floor . when I look at the cage floor i ran to my mother and showed her .. My beloved percy died . He was sitting there with his wings spread apart . my mom softly picked him up with a white cloth . The next day we went to my back yard and said our good byes and buried him . I love my special percy .. please keep him in your prayers .. and if you want to e-mail me my e-mail is ~ Westspnay@aol.com With love ,
.......PERCY....... 1997 - 2000
skyblue pet
my friend
a special listener
in Gods kingdom he enters ......

- Submitted by Lauren

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