Budgie Stories
My Sweetie-girl Penelope

Penelope was a lovely white budgie. My husband and I had her, along with Theodore, for 7+ years. This probably put her at age 8 or so today, when she was euthanized. It was so hard, she was such a feisty girl, we used to joke about her "piercing black eyes". She took sick last Thursday, and this morning the bird vet said there was nothing we could do for her except help her to pass on, as she was just hanging on but barely and in a lot of pain. It was so very sad, saying goodbye to a little girl who we really loved and cared for. I am thankful for all she gave us, we just adored her. Of course, we still have Theodore, who seems heartbroken himself. We will take good care of him and try to help him not be lonely. Sleep well, Peneller, we love you.

- Submitted by prince@telus.net

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