Budgie Stories

Every one in my class has cats and dogs but I have a budgie. No-one knew what it really looked like and when they found out from books they thought it was pretty boring. Then one day at my birthday party a boy from my class looked at a little cage in the living room. 'hey is this a budgie?' he asked as he opened the cage door and before I could say anything Paulie flew out of his cage and onto my friend's head.

He called out 'Good Paulie' and 'Give us a kiss' as he flew onto everyone's heads and shoulders. He didn't like to be touched but liked to be cuddled on his tummy.I picked him up and put him on my finger. He rolled over and whistled. Then he ran across the floor and into the kitchen where everybody followed him.He landed on a cup and chirped 'carrot'. I got out a carrot and he nibbled on it.

Every one was amazed. They started cuddling him,but he flew away.Everyone was saying what a really cool pet it was.I knew that. One boy even said that he was cooler than his cocker spaniel. I want to thank Paulie for being such a sweet little bird.I love him very much: the way he rolls over and says my name,the way he loves to take baths with me, the way he nibbles at my pen when I try to work and the way he made my party special.

As I'm typing this , he's walking across the keyboard and nibbling my fingers. I LOVE YOU PAULIE!!

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