Yes, Paulie is not a very unique name for a bird...we know. Considering he was named by Nathan, his 5 yr. old owner; that might be considered typical. Paulie is our homes first Budgie...and a very beautiful baby at that. He...or she (we don't know which yet) is a beautiful violet/ grey color. Paulie was hand picked by my son via an instantaneous bond. It was love at first sight.

For as long as I can remember he has wanted a bird. Most little boys want dogs or cats. Not my Nathan. He has been told until now that he must wait until he is old enough to care for an animal. With his sixth birthday approaching...we searched for his lifelong dream. Two weeks before his big day...we found all of the appropriate supplies and got them ready. Then for the bird. We asked around to locate a reputable pet store that hand-raises thier babies. When we found the best place to look. We took our little trip. He looked down into the cage of baby birds and immediately spotted Paulie. We took him out & it was instant magic between the two of them.

We were told that Budgies were normally quite nervous at first. Not Paulie. He immediately hopped onto Nathan's finger. Within minutes he was planting kisses on Nathan's tiny lips & grooming his hair. We asked Nathan if he might want to hold some of the other birds before he made up his mind..."No, I've found my bird." Now Paulie is home & happily playing constantly with my son. They are inseparable...even when Nathan showers. Paulie goes in too. I can tell this will really be wonderful!

- Submitted by Stephanie (Nathan's Mother)

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