Budgie Dedications
Oscar the Pretty Bird

Funny how a person can get so attached to something so small, isn't it? Oscar was almost four when he died this past November. I remember when we brought him home we were going to name him Powder because he was light blue, almost white. It's a good thing we changed his name because he ended up being a beautiful shade of light green. Oscar was a very good talker and had a large vocabulary. He could say "come here", "give me a kiss", "kiss Oscar". His favorite thing to say was "Oscar's a pretty bird". He loved playing video games, looking through people's eyeglasses while they were wearing them, eating Cheetos, and biting toes. He kept me company while my husband was working late nights and he was a great friend to us both. Most people don't understand why people get so upset when a pet dies. I didn't lose just a pet....I lost a friend.

- Submitted by oscarsherrill@gateway.net

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