Oliver the Cool Budgie

My bird Oliver is my best friend. I got Oliver from a breeder who showed his birds at bird shows. We had heard some bad things about pet store birds, and we did not want to get a sick bird. We had looked in the newspaper and everywhere else we thought we might find a good breeder. Finally we found a man living a half-hour away who was willing to give one of his birds to me. When my mom and I got to his house he led us out to the back of his house where he kept at least one hundred budgies. I only had the choice of two six-month old bird that he had put into a separate cage for me to decide. One was a light blue crazy bird that flew all over. The other was my birdy boy.Oliver, who was a special breed of parakeet, was sitting quietly one a perch while cherping with his fellow birds. Oliver had a navy blue tail, a light green chest, a yellow face, and beautiful throat markings.

After two years of my sweet little bird he still is the star of our family. He seems to be atracted to gold objects or anything else that is shiny. He is able to say words like 'birdy boy' and a few other things. Oliver was hand trained early, so that wasn't problem. Oliver is the coolest pet I have ever had and will be for years to come.

- Submitted by Dawn Bickett

©1999 Me & My Budgie