Budgie Stories
Nicky and Peeps, flightless lovebirds!

Hello, my name is Lea,I'm 13 years old, and I am lucky enough to be the keeper of two very loving little friends of mine. Their story goes like this...

I had recently moved and I thought (being a devout animal lover) that I could join the local bird club and possibly find a friend to talk to. I had had 3 years expierience with budgies and quickly fell into the pattern of life in an avairy. But, after both my babies dying, I was ready to call it quits. It was then that I saw them. Sitting side by side in a friend's cage; quiet and grooming one another, was a beautiful little baby sky blue opaline, and a handsome normal gray.

I consulted the friend on why she had not elected to take these two babies home. She said that they had french molt and that I could take themif i wished. I imediately adopted the two. The little blue hen i gave the egyptian name of Nefertiti, for she looked just like a lovely little queen. For my dear little male, I named him after my deceased grandfather, Peter. As nicknames, I call Nefertiti, Nicky or Lovebird; Peter is given the title of Peeps, because he chirps in the most adorable way to herald my approach. Since our first meeting, my two little friends and I have formed a close bond. We have faced many obstacles in our friendship; my mom's allergies, My cat, and other things. But as always, they remain ever faithful to me, and just as loving as i could ever hope. They now speak french and love to hear the Arabian Nights while sitting on my shoulders. I hope my little joys will continue to live for as long as our love remains. They will live forever.

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