Seet Little Boy Named Nehru

this is for my sweet little boy named Nehru.

Nehru was green and yellow and he was the most loving bird i have ever heard of, and it was my priviledge to have him. he woke me up every morning at 9:30 am sitting on the pillow next to me talking to me and saying "nehru loves jesse" or saying "nehru loves sita". he flew to my shoulder as i walked in the door after work and he would follow me down the hall when i walked out of the room.

i have never had anyone in my entire life care about me or need me as much as he did. one night one of my fish jumped out of my tank and Nehru flew to my bed and woke me up. if it wasnt for him the fish would have died. Nehru and his mate Sita flew around happily together, untying shoelaces and playing follow the leader until Febuary 9th 1998 at 3:30pm. i never once had them in a cage, for they got along great with my dog, and even sat on her head. a dog visiting my house while i was out somehow opened my door and killed Nehru while Sita hid behind my television set. writing this now makes me cry and i have cried more over him than any person in my life who has passed away.

Sita and i miss him with all our hearts and our lives will never be the same again.

- Submitted by jesse

©1998-1999 Me & My Budgie