Budgie Dedications
My Angel

It all started on March 17, 1996. When my life began with Angel. I really wanted a pet of my own to care for, love and to spend all of my time with. I was tired of hearing stories about dogs and cats, I wanted to be different. My mother's friend came over one night to visit and they started talking about pets they had during childhood. My mom told her friend that I wanted a pet of my own. I had already said that I wanted a bird, but I had no clue about birds and no idea of what kind I wanted. My mom`s friend suggested a budgie and said that they are wonderful, loving birds. I asked her a couple of questions and set off for my search.

About a month later I was fully aware of how to care for a budgie and the pro`s and con`s of having one. The following weekend approached it was time to go get my first official pet budgie. I was so afraid of choosing "that special budgie" and even more afraid on the way home to keep the radio low and the perfect amount of heat for my new budgie. Since this was my first pet I was scared!

It even took me a long time to name her. Angel (her new name) was very quiet at first but was never frightened of me. She was fluorescent yellow with forest green dots on her belly and a forest green back. She was beautiful! Angel was not a baby when I got her so I think she wasn't really afraid of anything. I spent every minute with Angel although my parents are divorced so in this case I only saw Angel 3 times a week and some weekends. Angel lived at my dad`s house permanently and sometimes I lived there too. When I was with my mom Angel was left alone and my dad would take care of her but I knew Angel always was happy when I was back. When I would come back to my dads house I would run right into my room where Angel would be and jump right in the room and Angel would fluff up in happiness and kiss me.

Angel mimicked my voice and would sound exactly like me, as a matter of fact my Dad could not tell our voices apart! Me and Angel were always together. She would come when I call her, swim in the sink, take naps with me, kiss me, play ball, dance, play peek- a- boo and sing for hours on. Sometimes Angel would go to my mom`s house. My mom really loved Angel almost as much as I did. Angel loved to listen to the wild birds sing in the forest where my mom lived. Sometimes I just wanted to take Angel outside into the meadow and watch the sunset. I wanted to show her everything. Angel loved to listen to me read novels and tell stories. Everyone loved Angel and she knew it.

She was my best friend for life. Nobody really knew the friendship that me and Angel shared. She was always there for me when I needed her. I am so glad that my mom`s friend came over that night because I wouldn`t have even known Angel.

Days went by and so did years. At this time Angel stopped singing and talking, she just wasn`t the same anymore. Angel was not very active and did not want to come out of her cage. She started getting worse every time I came back from my mom`s house. This was the time when Angel really really needed me and I was never there for her. Me and my Dad took Angel to the vet and she said that Angel might have a tumour or a respiratory infection. My Dad got tones of medicine and tones of vitamin food for Angel, we did everything that we could.

One night my Dad came to pick me and my sister up from my mom`s house and I was excited to see Angel for the first time in 4 days. As my Dad pulled up into the drive way of his house, he asked my sister to go into the house so he could talk to me in private. He started talking about growing up and moving on in life after something sad happens. Actually the conversation was going nowhere and I just wanted to go see Angel because I truly missed her. Suddenly my Dad stopped and told me that what he was about to say was really going to affect me. So I was ready to be shocked. He told me that Angel had died while I was gone. After that day I will never be the same. Angel died on Remembrance Day of 1999. I will never forget that day for as long as I live. I will always remember that wonderful day when I walked into the pet store and saw that happy budgie singing on that wooden swing as happy as ever staring right into my eyes and making me smile filling my heart with joy. Angel will always be a part of me forever. One day when I am older I will buy a budgie for my children and will tell them the story of Angel. She will never be forgotten. Though I will always feel guilty for not being there when Angel passed away, I know that Angel would have wanted to die in peace, without me watching her suffer.

Someday my Angel, we will be together again. There were endless stories about Angel and so much to tell everyone but if I told everything it would be a novel. Our secrets and memories are safe with me Angel,don`t worry.

You will be forever in my heart. And some day you will teach me to fly in your everlasting skies and drink in your clear, pure waters, we will be together. Don`t worry my little sweetheart- Until we meet again. You always will be MY LITTLE ANGEL.

From Mommy, I love you forever. ~xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

~Got Angel on March 17,1996
~Angel passed away on November 11,1999
~Proud mother ~Phyllis

- Submitted by Phyllis

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