My Mr. Bean

Let me tell you about my budgie, Mr. bean, actually Mr. Bean is not a male, but a female. Here is a sample of a typical day with Mr. Bean, the budgie who loves peoples mouths. She is usually let out at approximately 9:00 in the morning each day, she literally has the run of the place. She usually loves to hand from our hall cupboard or sit on "her" wine rack, which is situated next to our couch. So she can watch TV, maybe Batman and Robin, or maybe even a episode of Mr. bean. She loves to "sing" and "dance" to disco music. Especially the BeeGees. She is literally turned on my peoples mouths, especially if you make a budgie noise to her. She can imitate the following sounds:
  1. Canada Geese
  2. Vacuum cleaner, She loves to ride on the canister and hose of the vacuum.
  3. My 2-year-old daughters crying, but she does not like my daughter.
  4. Clocks being wound up.
  5. Sounds of birds on the TV, she likes to answer them.

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