Budgie Stories
Mitch and Bonnie

I have two beautifull budgies, named Mitch and Bonnie. I am a budgie lover, since I was nine years old, and I and my little sister became our first budgie. How we cried when he died after 4 days, really strangely, he started flying around in the cage like something terrible scared him, and he fell dead on the cage floor. After that, followed other budgies, and now since 1 1/2 year, I have Mitch and Bonnie. Well, first it was only Mitch, but the only thing he did, was sitting in the cage, not a peep came out of him, only once, when I put on Eros Ramazotti. We sang for him, we danced in front of his cage like some idiots to see if the bird would react, put the tv loud, talked to him a lot, put him on the balcony so he could hear the other birds, but nothing. So I told my husband, this bird is going to die, if we don't give him some company.

So on my birthday, my husband came home with a beautifull bunny rabbit and a female budgie, who whe named Bonnie. She took over the cage immediately, and while Mitch was looking stunnished at her, she began to eat the tasty hunny sweets I bought Mitch, but he did not touch as he was afraid of it. Since then, Mitch tells us his stories all day long and he is happy and healthy, like Bonnie, who, when they are in their cuddly mood, arranges his feathers and gives him kisses. Although they do fight aswell, as Bonnie has a real strong character. But I just enjoy so much just sitting and watching those two birds, it's amazing how they light up my life.

So, thanks Bonnie and Mitch for your company, and we will buy you the bigger cage this saturday, that's a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from your Spanish and Dutch caretakers and foodsuppliers

- Submitted by a.kranenburg@ampc-europe.com

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