Budgie Stories
Misty Blue

My parakeet is a female she is a beautiful blue and sweet as they come!! I spend alot of time with her and have always had a good time not ever thought about the following story ever happening!! It all started out as a normal day at home. The day before at school it was said that the next day would be show and tell. I told my teacher that I would like to bring my now 23 month old parakeet Misty Blue. She said that it was ok that she had asked the principal and went through all of the other stuff saying that I could bring my parakeet Misty. So sure enough the next day I went to school it was about 9:00AM that day and I saw my mom come in with my parakeet Misty. Misty was shocked and didn't know what to do. My entire class wanted to see Misty. Mist loved being the center of attention. Everyone got to play with her (in and out of her cage.) After everyone had, had a turn time and time again it was then she flew away!! So nerveous me starts going into a big panic not knowing what to do when your bird is sitting on a HIGH window ledge. No one could reach her, no one could persuade her to come down, she was up there for a long time. Then I finall spotted a long broom. So that being my only option I grabbed the broom held it up there to the bird and FINALLY get her to get on the broom. She came down unharmed but for me however I was scared to death!! But my little parakeet loved being the center of attention, she wasn't hurt so she was really really happy!!

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- Submitted by Chassidy, Age 10

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