Mickey the most talented birdie ever!

We recently had our sweet, talented parakeet named Mickey pass away from a tumor that got larger and larger but..... We wanted to tell people about our bird because she was so talented...... She said many words and immitated tons of sounds...

Some of the words she said were... "Gimme a kiss", "pretty bird", she mixed up Merry Christmas and said "ChristMerry", "Kiss me", she said all four of our cats names and then whistled for them, (Kitty kitty kitty *whistle*) then "Come on". She meowed like one of our cats who meows a lot. She laughed all the time when we would laugh, like she understood what we were saying almost...

She had different laughs and would even take a deep breath and then laugh like us... She burped after someone did and then we would laugh so she would laugh... Some sounds she immitated were soda cans being opened and then the pouring sounds... If someone took out a soda she would make the sound of it opening before we even opened it. I guess they know things by sight. She immitated the cupboard doors opening when we would open them or sometimes just because, the answering machine clicking on and off, light switches being turned on and off, keys jingling when you would pick them up, doors opening (squeeeak), the keyboard clicking sounds, the sugar shaker, the bathroom cupboard being opened. She would really talk a lot when the dish washer or washing machine was on. There are so many things we are forgetting to mention but this bird was hilarious and very smart.

If anyone has any stories like ours please email us. We can't seem to find any other stories about birds who talked as much and would love to hear about others. Thanks.

- Submitted by mcclymjw@earthlink.net

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