Melin My Budgie

Merlin was the one who gave me the fever to own birds. This beautiful cobalt American male, was so easy to train. I began to scratch his head and he would nibble on my ear to tell me he wanted a little millet. I trusted him not to bite my children and he would sit on my shoulder the entire time it took to clean the house. Well, because a felt bad about taking him away from his kind I bought him a friend named Magic. Magic kind of took all of that attention he use to give me, but whenever he would stay and visit on my shoulder he always nibbled my ear. I use to think that was so funny.

Because I like to give my birds a little room to fly in the afternoon, I let them both out and this is how Merlin came to pass away in the jaws of a dog that I was dogsitting, I will never forgive myself for such a stupid mistake. Anyway I would just like to tell Merlin that Magic and I miss him very much. It has only been 2 weeks since he left us, and if it helps any I promise never to dogsit again. And the dog that killed him fractured it's leg and the owner had to put it down...I hope wherever the two of them are the are working out their differences.

Good Bye my loving friend.

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