Budgie Dedications
Missing Our Melodie

Over the summer of '99, my boyfriend decided to purchase a parakeet. She was very young then (about 4 months) and her wings had been clipped since day one. Not knowing much about birds, we took on this pet like it was a new baby, learning along the way, but with unceasing unconditional love. Once Melodie was tamed, she was a pure joy to spend time with and to play with. In the past couple of weeks, we were working with her on learning how to fly again, as her wings were growing back in. She was still running into things and not steady on her landings, but we knew with just a little more time, she'd soon be flying without our help. We didn't know just how little time she had. Just a couple days into the new millenium, Melodie suddenly became sick and in a matter of an hour and a half, she was gone. We are missing her terribly, and wish to dedicate this story to her. We love her very much and we want her to know we'll never forget our first baby. We plan on getting a new parakeet in the months to come, one that looks similar to her, and making her the "Harmonie" to our Melodie.

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