Budgie Stories
Mekhi the Magnificent

I was notified by a breeder that one of her baby budgies had been attacked by its mother. She had damaged its wings by constantly pecking and eating at them. The breeder couldn't sell a budgie that couldn't fly and was going to 'dispose' of it. When I heard about this I decided to take the flightless budgie home. It is a lovely teil-blue male budgie. I decided to name him 'Mekhi' after an ex-gang member which had turned his class around. Mekhi is a magnificent cage bird and a great companion. He is my best friend. He's full of so much character!!!

He likes to attack his mirror, swing right around his perch, wake me up at 3:00am, ring his bell, dance to loud loud music, and loves to eat silverbeet and biscuits. He can talk as well. He says things like: pretty boy, hello Joey, and wolf wistles. I still can't beleive there's so much character packed into one budgie!!!

- Submitted by Jessica

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