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Lurda Budgie Stories

Fiacc O'Brien Moran" 5/5/00 one christmas my dad came in with a green budgie for me i named her lurda and i have a good few stories about her if you want to hear them read on!...

bad escape plan
i remember once my budgie lurda was trying to escape from the cage so she stuck her head out of the place that holds the food, but it stuck into her neck and started choking her luckily we got her out safly!

the new bird
a few months after my 7th birthday my parents friends came over with them they had a light sky blue budgie which they had found in their garden, they knew we had a budgie so they asked us if we wanted it i begged my mum and so we took him and named him johney, he was quite young when we got him and quite tired and a bit bruized but he healed up and fell in love with lurda!

the chick attempt
at one stage we decided to get johney and lurda a nest box, i was very excited! but lurda got sick, i didnt know at the time but she had egg binding she had gotten to many draughts, one day we went out and when we came back lurda was lieing still at the bottom of the cage, we decided to bury her under the rose bush in the front garden in the nest box where she could rest in peace.

all alone - a new hope
johney was all alone for about 3 years and he missed lurda alot one day i asked mum if i could have an avery outside and breed budgies she said yes in the summer when were finished renevating the house, i was really happy then just before christmas she said i could get a mate for johney to start off! we went to the petstore and i told the girl i wanted to get a girl budgie as a mate for my other budgie she wanted to know if i was going to breed them i said yes meening in the summer, but she said that i couldnt because i didnt have the equipment i was really upset so mum said what about another boy i didnt want another boy and the girl said they would fight anyway i was nearly in tears when mum asked the girl could we get a female if we didnt get the nest box she said yes and i was sooooooooo happy i picked a dark green recessive pied and named her penny when i brought her home johney fell madly in love with her! i have them both now and i hope to mate them about the end of june hopefully ill have morre stories that include chicks!

until then bye! Caoimhe!

- Submitted by Caoimhe!

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