Budgie Stories
My Life with Lightening Sky

He's white, patches of grayish black, and yes, you guessed it! . . . sky blue feathers. He's just a baby but knows a lot of things. When he was a month old he knew how to stand on my finger. Sky can whistle, he loves to imitate my other bird Magic, a cocktail, and makes cute noises at night in his own way which means "good night". He's really clever. . . when he doesn't want to go out, he will find some way to stay in his cage, but once he is out he wouldn't leave his cage at all, he's a real magnet. Sky is very passionate and kisses me when he plays. His favorite toys are mirrors, my glasses, his swing, and his ladder. He makes every day a fun one and every whistle or tweet a delight. Sky is about 5 months old and will be 1 year old in November. I am very glad to have a bird like him!

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