Larry Bird
Larry (Bird)

Where do you begin when your loving feathered friend dies....Larry was a sky- blue male , beautiful, wonderful friend...his life touched us from the first peeps out of him in the morning until we would whistle his favorite song each nite when it was time to sleep.

People who have never had a budgie in their family cannot understand the joy of these creatures..the unconditional love..the curious happy nature, the love of millet, napping contentedly on one foot, hanging upside down from the archway to check on his "flock" in the other room....We miss your fluttering landings and dogearing our newspapers and books, ..sitting on the window sill , "biffies" on the mirror, or your little presence on my bass guitar...."release the hound!"...a year and a month that we will never forget..the squeaky voice that that knew who was the pretty good bird...playing chase in the house..sleeping safely nestled in Wendys even had love for the pigeons on the back porch...we love and miss you so much Larry, we are so sorry that we did not protect your fragile soul..we tried to keep you from gave us more than we could ever give back.. Love JP and Wendy

- Submitted by JP and Wendy

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