Budgie Dedications
To My Friend Kikay

It was my 12th birthday. I was having a party. It was time for me to open my presents. Then someone knocked on my door. It was my friend Lenny with a cage in her hand and white and a little bit of blue on it. When she showed me I was so exited. My friend Mai picked her up and let her out of the cage. Then my mom told me to put her back because someone might step on her. Then after I opened my birthday presents and blew the cake, I put the bird cage in my room. Then my friend Mai took her out. It got out of her hand and flew to the floor. Then suddenly someone steped on her tail. Then she had no tail left.

The next day my mom thought of a name. She named her Kikay, which means beautiful girl. Then she got use to me. She would get on my finger and move left to right and right to left. My friend Lenny has a bird(Ricki) and I brought my bird over then they started kissing and grooming each other.

It was the 5th day I had the bird. Then I brought to my friends house to play with her bird. Then I saw my bird getting puffy, It did not play or moved much. It was about 7:00 when I took her home. Then next morning I took off the cover for the cage and found her laying on the floor. She blinked her eye at me then she was gone. Gone forever. Me and my cried but after a while I thought that it is okay because she will wacth over me and my family.

Now I got two new birds, I have had them for 4 weeks now. I hope that they will live for a while.

- Submitted by P050456@cs.com

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