I used to have a budgie named Jessie. He was my first Budgie and when I got him I didnt know anything about them at all. Once I learned how to take care of him he was the sweetest bird that ever lived!!!! He was hand tamed in one day! He was the best talker too. His first words (that I taught him) were "Jessie" and "Pass the biskits!" He learned a lot of words on his own too. (most of them I can't write down) but he did learn some words like "bird" "go to bed" and "SHUTUP!" He was my best (non human) friend. He died the night I moved to my new house (august 18, 1997) 4 days after my birthday. I had him for 3 years but he was old when I got him. I really miss him but I have a new bird named Scully.

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