Budgie Stories
Jane and Luck

I bought two budgies two years ago and the female started to lay eggs, so i decided to put a nest box in and within 1 month i was blessed with five babie budgies. Know i sit and remember the times that we had together because know the parents have past away, but i still have the babies to enjoy. I recomend budgies as pets for children. The only piece of advice that i can offer you is that most petshops will carry birds that are not in good health, so be careful and look around. They may over charge you to. The going price these days is about 10-15 dallors a bidgie. For halequins it may be a few dallors more. If you have any questions please E-mail me. I have been breeding budgies for 10 years, i supply 20 different stores.

I have two budgies and they just had babies they are so cute. Jane is the female and Luck is the male. I would like to give one peace of advice when breeding never disturb them. You are risking the life of the babies. You should always allow them to have a breack after ever clutch. I have been breeding budgies for 10 years i supply over 20 petshops if you have any questions please E-mail me.

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